SIGUJANA KASENZANGAKHONA the King of Zulu people in 1816

SIGUJANA KASENZANGAKHONA the King of Zulu people in 1816

SIGUJANA KASENZANGAKHONA the King of Zulu people in 1816

SIGUJANA KASENZANGAKHONA was the king of zulu in 1816, Senzangakhona kaJama who was a notable and popular South African ruler was born in the year 1762, and passed in the year 1816. He was a great king of the Zulu Kingdom, the great Zulu ruler was the father of another three Zulu kings who took over the rulership of the Zulu nation during which the Zulus achieved great prominence, and the first king from the 3 sons was first led by his oldest son who was named King Shaka.

King Senzangakhona knew and met his father who was then a great chief named Chief Jama kaNdaba and with time, became a ruler himself and his mother was named Mthaniya Sibiya. He took over his father after he died.

Senzangakhona was an extremely polygamous king, and he married numerous wives that the ones who were recorded was just 16 in number. Bhibhi kaSompisi Ntuli as we have earlier noted was one of Senzangakhona’s wives.

His wife, Bhebhe was legaly married and bore him just two sons, the second child’s information and life achievements were not recorded, but his son Sigujana took over as the King after his father passed in the year 1816.

Sadly, Sigujana’s reign was cut short as he was assassinated by this brother Shaka who is commonly known in the present day as Shaka Zulu because of the great things and wonderful stories about him which have been passed for decades as history.

Shaka of Zulu with the assistance of of his ally and brother Dingiswayo and Dingiswayo’s half brother whose name was Ngwadi, had Sigujana killed. Shaka subsequently changed the ruling system by raising the chieftaincy to kingdom rulership and then became the first known king of Zulu.

Sigujana ka Senzangakhona, the son of Bhebhe Ntuli died in the year 1816. He died earlier than his mother who passed 24 years later, he had been the Chief and King of the Zulu people till 1816.

The later king was the son of Senzangakhona kaJama and his half brothers were Dingane kaSenzangakhona and then Shaka kaSenzangakhona who later killed him to assume the role of King.

His reign did not last much long because he was murdered by his half-brother, Shaka Of Zulu. It has been argued over years if whether Shaka of Zulu had someone assassinate or Shaka of Zulu killed Sigujana himself by stabbing him to death.

When Bhibhi came of age, she got married to Senzangakhona kaJama of the Zulu who is also known as “Inggonyama of the Zulu Nation”, he was the High Chief of the old Zulu clan.

It is important to note that Chief Senzangakhona was born in the year 1762, 12 years before the birth of his wife, Bhebhe.

As Senzangakhona grew in both titleship and age, he married not less than sixteen women with them, he had fourteen known sons. The total number of his children were greatly more than that, but his daughters were not included in the records.

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