Check out what to expect during this year’s Maskandi festival season

Check out what to expect during this year's Maskandi festival season

Check out what to expect during this year’s Maskandi festival season

As Maskandi festival season is about coming up in this december and it is very good to spend some time out the sun and enjoying good maskandi music from great artist of the moment and taking a good bottle of whike as you are entertained.

The festival features so many artist and south africa shores throuth the music and the the afropunk and black with other alternative cultural music to be display that very in the celemony.

Staying in the sun for two days listening to Khuzani Mpungose’s and other maskandi singer will be a great event to be at.

The Dstv Delicious International Food & Music Festival will be in attendance and highlight the music festival this year. The festival offend be in authentic outdoor with good expericnce everybody will experience on that day.

That day their will be a great opportunity to meet maskandi musicians which we have not seen before only on tv will are seeing them. The hosting will be at Cape Town’s.

All the youth of maskandi will be at attendence so it will be fun to come and not with standing south africa biggest artist Focalistic, local rapper A-Reece and amapiano royalty DNB Gogo will be their for the celebrantion and as we all know the festival is all about the drinks and the music and the best part about it is that there are two festival locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town to suit your travel and accommodation budget perfectly.

With a 16-team soccer tournament, four-team rugby tournament and four-team netball tournament will be on ground that that . the festival is for the lovers of maskandi music and the Bronville Sports and Arts Festival is expected to be one of this year which is the anticipated event.

In conclusion

Maskandi festival will turn out be the best and fun festival of all time this year dnt fail come and celebrant with your friends and family.

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