Mntuyenziwa hit song called Falabo’s head

Mntuyenziwa hit song called Falabo's head

Mntuyenziwa hit song called Falabo’s head

Mntuyenziwa is an artist from the kingdom of Mashudula which a girl from nkandla, zamawez and other king of kipitis from mabomvini while othersĀ  from nkadla and falabo magic finger were recruited.

A question was raised towards mutuyenzi who says, are you friends with khuzani but the young man did not want to keep explaining that they are not in a relationship but he just played his song saying, i wanted to tell you the day i paid my dowry, brother, i wanted to tell you today, so how could i tell you since you hate me and it became clear that the problem was big but unknown, what is the origin of it because mutuyenzi also did not want to explain why he said that khuzani hated him.

They were then beaten up with a rope and a song by two young men namely God of guitars and magic fingers and that is when mutuyenzima said that the leaders of the young men did not play any song in the dead of the world namely mqqumeni and ndidone falabo always apologised and bhemile has been running to all the qawes because he said when he was going to close he closed with vezuthanda wambonga where he said it is sad what happened to me in this world, i am like the one who was not born but i came for boys as a young man.

Mutuyenziwa also made it clear that when he left khuzani group he came out with his song saying that he did not take anything from anyone.

In Conclusion

Mntuyenziwa song wil be a hit back to back when ever the song drop. Thanks

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