Who is currently the king of maskandi

Who is currently the king of maskandi

Who is currently the king of maskandi

The King of maskandi music is Khuzani “King Khuba today he is the biggest of it all. He is known for Isixaxa Samaxoki, Bengingazi, Ngeke Ngihleke, Mama Ka Nomzamo, Thembelihle, and Kungani and type of maskandi music that he release whhich make his fans to love him and his song.

Mpungose is most biggest artist in maskandi today dropping by hit song back to back which he drop his first album titled Bahluleke Bonke in the year 2011.

Where is Khuzani from in south africa

Khuzani is from KwaZulu-Natal municipality of Nkandla in herding cattle was where he grew up with his parent. when he started music dropping a banger make his fans love maskandi music which lead to comparisons maskandi king Mqgumeni Khumalo, who had passed away two years earlier

The success of Khuzani

The success of Khuzani started after releasing his debut album called Bahluleke Bonke and this album won so many Award like best-selling album of the year and later drop another hit banger titled Umqhele neThawula and fans love the album.

Khuzani has been making a good waves in south africa maskandi music and his known all over south africa which now make him to be the king of maskandi music.

Khuzani wins the best song of the year

In 2020 Khuzani won the best song of year in the competition that was organize in Ukhozi FM which th fans vote him to win with a million votes which some not to be happy from the result of Ukhozi FM’s 2020 outcome because Khuzani won the award and it was Ijele song won the award.

Who started maskandi music

John Bhengu was the man that early started maskandi music and was called Phuzushukela, or “Sugar Drinker because the way he sing his song and the style of his song. His career started with playing acoustic guitar and after some years which start with electric with his own choice from his music alot was created for maskandi music.

In conclusion

Khuzani “King Khuba is the king of maskandi music from by other artist that learn from him to carry on their career.

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